Comprehensive care

Male dentist shaking a female patient's hand Dr. Felicia and her Waldorf Dentistry team offers a comprehensive dental care program for all our patients. Our package comprises of various services we conduct to ensure your mouth is and remains healthy.

What is a comprehensive dental care exam, and what does it include?

Comprehensive dental care is a term that describes how we take care of your oral health.

It is an examination that involves much more than merely diagnosing and treating dental cavities.

Our focus lies in treating the problem and improving your oral health. We do it because it is proven that a strong link exists between your body and oral health.

And we do it by not just treating your dental problems but also by preventing dental diseases like cavities, periodontal diseases, and gingivitis.

In the process, we manage to increase your overall health, prevent further medical complications and save you money.

Our comprehensive care exam includes examining your periodontal health because it is an exam that reflects your overall health. It tells us if you have gum disease. And if you do, we treat it immediately before it causes any problems through the body.

We also examine each tooth carefully for infections. This is important because all it takes is one infected tooth to infect nearby teeth and bones.

We complete the exam by looking for signs of occlusion disease (grinding/clenching), muscular disorders and examining your gums and throat for oral cancer signs.

A comprehensive care treatment plan

If we find a concern after assessing your teeth and gums, we next come up with an appropriate and customized treatment plan.

We keep you informed through the steps to help you understand what we intend to do to restore your oral health. We at this point welcome any questions you may have about the procedures.

The required treatments may include:

  • Dental implants and bridges<//li>
  • Teeth whitening<//li>
  • Pulp therapy<//li>
  • Fillings and crowns

We believe that comprehensive dentistry will be effective only if both the patient and dentist have a committed relationship. That is why we recommend regular office visit intervals and follow-ups.

We determine how regularly you need to visit us based on your individual case.

We do all this because our sole aim in comprehensive dentistry lies in controlling all risk factors. We do it to help you maintain and have a set of natural and healthy teeth for all your life.

We know that some patients may not opt to participate in comprehensive care. They generally prefer to get treated only for acute pain or problem.

In this case, we are always ready to provide them with the required emergency dental services. We will work at quickly resolving the patient’s problems, pain, and discomfort.

As each patient has an individual situation, we at Waldorf Dentistry offer personalized, comprehensive care. We will examine your teeth and decide on the best dental care that will provide maximum relief.

Contact our dental office at (301) 705-9737 if you need an appointment for comprehensive care.

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  • Glenda
    "My 12-year-old son, Logan, has been wearing dental orthopedic appliances for over a year now and I couldn't be happier with the results. My only concern was his noticeable overbite and lisp and the overcrowding as his permanent teeth were coming in.
  • L Ross
    I fell in a parking-lot more than 5 years ago and shortly after began to have jaw pain and trouble with my jaw moving properly. I have been experiencing chronic pain and tight muscles in my face and jaw ever since.
    L Ross
  • Waldorf Dentistry and her knowledgeable team will go the extra mile to exceed your expectations. We take the time to understand your individual needs and work with you to create a custom treatment plan that helps you maintain a healthy smile and good oral health for life.

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